Privacy Policy

This Policy sets out the specifics of processing user data of the Services provided by the L2 Shadowlands project

This document (hereinafter referred to as the "Policy") is an integral part of the User Agreement.


By downloading, installing, registering, accessing and using the Services and/or the Game in any other way, you fully accept the terms of this Policy and express your specific consent to the processing of your data in the manner and for the purposes described herein. If you do not agree with this Policy, please refuse to download, install and otherwise use the Services and the Game.


The administration has the right to change and / or supplement this Policy from time to time without prior written notice to users. You need to review this Policy every three calendar days for any changes and/or additions made to it. If you continue to use the Game after making changes to this document, you confirm your acceptance of the new version of the Policy.


1. Purposes of processing user data

The data is provided by users in connection with the conclusion of the User Agreement with the Administration.

In addition, data can be provided by users at the request of the Administration in connection with the execution of agreements concluded.

Cases where the user provides data (without limitation):

- When creating an account on the L2shadowlands website and managing it;

- When participating in testing additional game services, new versions and/or updates of the Game (if applicable);

- When participating in in-game events, competitions and other similar events;

- When accessing the Service/Game using identifiers used by you to gain access to third-party resources (for example, a login or user ID used in social networks) or inviting other users to participate in the Game;

- When sending requests, letters or making other types of contacts with the Administration;

- When using additional, special services within the Game.

Your data is processed for the following purposes (not limited to):


- Providing the possibility of creating and subsequent use and management of a user account;

- Participation in the Game and access to the game services provided for by the Game scenario;

- Implementation of interaction with other users;

- Correction of errors, modification of the Services/Game, development of new game features and services;

- Interaction with users to receive comments regarding the Services/Game, support the Game; sending notices and other important messages regarding the Services/Game;

- Analysis of the effectiveness of the Services/Game and other related gaming services;

- Reception, processing and verification of payments;

- Providing technical support;

- Informing about future events related to the Service, Games, their updates and other similar events.


2. User data collected and processed by the Administration.


The data that the Administration collects and processes in connection with your use of the Services and participation in the Game may include (but is not limited to): name, nickname (including the character's nickname), user ID on third-party resources (login or user ID), email address, gender, date of birth, phone number, country of residence, information about your social media friends list (if applicable), billing information, etc.

You are hereby aware and understand that in case of accessing the Service and the Game using your account on social networks, the data contained in your profile, for example, but not limited to: name, photo or other image used as an avatar, ID number in this social network, e-mail address, language and other information, etc., become available to the Administration and can be processed by the Administration in the manner prescribed by this Policy. In addition, in this case, this data may be available for viewing by other users of the Services and the Game.

3. Other data collected and processed by the Administration.

In order to provide quality services, the Administration collects and processes additional non-individual data. Such data includes: a unique identifier of the user device and parameters of the software used, the name and version of the operating system, device type and hardware identifiers, time zone, information about the user's actions on the Service and in the Game (logs of game actions, actions on the Service, in-game achievements , time spent in the Game, time of the last entry into the Game, information about entries into the Game, etc.).

In addition, the Administration may collect information about your IP address and information about the geographic location of the device from which the Service and the Game are accessed in order to provide you with services and information available for the relevant territory where you are located.


4. Use. Distribution and transmission of data.


The Administration may combine (merge, merge) and use the combined user data with other information (including other data collected by the Administration, as defined in Section 4 of this Policy) to provide, manage and develop the Game.


The administration does not sell your data to third parties.

In addition, your data may be provided to third parties in the following cases:

- When necessary to comply with the law, such as investigating payment fraud and any other illegal activity;

- When there are reasonable suspicions of a potential or existing violation of the rights of the Administration, in order to protect the rights of the injured party.


5. Data storage.

The period of data storage is the period during which the Service and related gaming services are provided (by the longest period).


6. Other obligations of the parties.

The user is responsible for the completeness and accuracy of the data provided by him. In case of inconsistencies and / or incorrectness in the data provided by you, they must be changed, including by contacting the Administration specialists, as indicated in the Contacts section.

The Administration reserves the right, when deleting and / or changing user data, to store the data that is necessary for the purposes of complying with applicable law, ensuring the safety and efficiency of the Services and the Game.


7. Contacts

Communication with authorized representatives of the administration is carried out through the customer support system